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I Understand the Importance of Your Big Day!

I started working as a DJ back in 2011. It was something to do on shore duty in the Navy while stationed in Connecticut. I really liked it and after working under a DJ with over 20 years’ experience for more than a year, I decided to set out on my own and started Modern Mobile Entertainment.

In 2013 I was honorably discharged and returned to my hometown of Houston. I have been slowly ramping up my reputation and taking jobs here and there in H-town. Now I am going to school full time to finish my degree and I am looking to increase my business to support my family.

Weddings are my specialty and I love them. Compared to other DJ gigs. there’s nothing like being a DJ at someone’s Wedding. I pride myself on my attention to detail. It is part of how I learned to DJ and part of my military experience attributes to it. I understand how important your big day is and I hold myself accountable when it comes to planning and executing your perfect wedding.


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Ask the DJ