What every bride and groom should know before hiring a Wedding DJ.

1476440_874514655914777_6833495127019629650_nCongratulations! You are getting married! Now for the fun part, planning! One thing about DJs that goes highly underrated, is that we are  experts at planning Receptions and Ceremonies! We do it just as much as a wedding planner. We may even have all the contacts for hair, makeup and florists. Most of the time we work hand and hand with a planner, so we get to see a lot of what they do. DJs also control the entire flow of events, it is their job to move things along and they give all the cues that do so.

So again, DJs are highly underrated, most of the time people just think we press play and walk away. Now, I have been to a bunch of weddings as a guest, and I have seen DJs that do this. Those are not good DJs, we bring the energy, we bring the fun, and if we aren’t even at the DJ booth, how is that going to happen? This is why I recommend a professional DJ.

What is a professional DJ you ask? Someone who has experience, who understands the workings of a wedding, and who has the ability to bring the party. Now you can find DJs all over the place, on Craigslist, your Aunt’s distant Nephew who spins music at the club, and thinks DJing a wedding is just pressing play, your friend Dan who has an iPod with 30GB of music. These are not professional DJs, feel free to youtube iPod DJ or Craigslist DJ, you’ll be horrified at some of the things you see. Professional DJs bring pro-grade gear, have all the music prepped in advance, and have the voice to be the Master of Ceremonies that you want.

Let me tell you one thing to ask your DJ when you are looking, for the Bouquet and Garter toss, which one goes first. There is a specific order – the reason why there is an order, is because Men are SHALLOW! I have seen weddings where the bouquet toss went first, and the woman who had the honor of winning wasn’t the ideal body type, and guess what happened when the garter toss went up? That garter went up, and came down, and hit the floor hard, not a single guy went for it, and I felt SOOOOO bad for that woman and the Bride, what a mess.

Don’t let price dictate who you hire for services, anyone who does business can tell you that you get what you pay for. True wedding professionals will easily spend 20-30 hours on your event even though it only appears that you are paying for 4-5 hours. The best price is not always the best deal, if you are paying less than $1000 for your DJ, I would be wary.

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