Picking Your Wedding Date and Time

737409_521995144500065_959001793_oSo this more than likely is your first time planning a wedding, most wedding professionals have done weddings in every likely time slot, so here are some tips and best practices based on my observations.

Friday evening Weddings

Friday evening seems like a good time for a wedding, but I would caution you as this may be the worst day to pick and here is why. Most people just got off work, or had to take off work early in order to make the Ceremony. They had to rush home, throw on their clothes and make up, and rush out in that Friday night traffic, if it’s Houston, good luck. The other aspect would be when you make it to the wedding, ceremony is over, dinner is served, your guests are already wiped out. They don’t want to stick around for the celebration, they have been up since 5am, they are tired, and at this point, just want to go home and sleep. Congrats on your wedding day, now we are going to crash.

Sunday Weddings

Sunday would be the second best day, or the second worst day, depending on how you look at it. You want to shoot for an early afternoon wedding, same problems apply with Friday weddings, except people want to get home Sunday evening to get ready for work the next day, or catch the latest episode of The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. If you have an early afternoon wedding, there is plenty of time to party and for guests to make it home to their addiction.

Saturday Weddings

The best day, prime day, for weddings, and the best time slot, is an evening Reception. You want to be serving dinner around 5-7 pm, that way guests have time to eat and digest before the dancing and fun begins. If you are too early, then guests may forgo the dancing and celebration, thinking they can zoom home and get ready for a night on the town. We want your guests to stay to the very end, have fun celebrating with the bride and groom, and if they leave early, everyone misses out.

You worked hard putting your big day together. I know sometimes budgets don’t fit the price it costs to have a Saturday wedding, but you usually only get one shot at it, so make it count. You can always make more money, but you don’t get a second chance at your wedding.

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