Top ten misconceptions about Wedding DJs

pro2Entertainment isn’t all that important at a Wedding

During the wedding planning process most Brides say that the highest priority is their wedding dress,  followed by the reception site and food caterer. Reception entertainment is usually one of the lowest of their priorities! However, within one week after their reception, 78% of Brides say they wished they would have made entertainment their highest priority! And 72% of brides said they wished they would have spent more time on choosing entertainment, and nearly 100% said they should have spent more of their budget on entertainment. When reception guests are asked, 81% of them  will remember the entertainment the most.

DJing is just pressing play, all you need is an IPod and computer speakers

Professional DJs do way more than just press play. Our job is to read a crowd, have knowledge of nearly 100 years of music and provide our Brides and Grooms with expertise in planning and executing weddings. Pro DJs do this all the time but how often do most people plan and execute a wedding? There’s a huge difference between professional grade stereo equipment and consumer grade equipment, don’t be fooled by the iPod or Craigslist DJ.

Anyone can do it; it’s not like it takes any kind of training!

I did get trained. I worked for a guy that has been in the business for over 20 years while I was stationed in Connecticut. I worked with him for over a year and got a plethora of knowledge and acquired an attention for details. Anyone can learn the functional controls of most DJ software and equipment but it takes years of experience to develop the skills needed to read a crowd and execute a smooth and professional presentation. If a DJ is able to make you think his job is easy, it is because he is doing it correctly.

It should be easy to setup and only takes a couple minutes.

A Pro DJ can take upwards of two plus hours to set up their sound and lighting system. It takes even longer if you add a Photo and prop booth, or a separate wireless ceremony system. Setup is more than just plugging everything in. A Pro DJ will do sound checks, mic checks and make any adjustments needed for lighting before guests even think about arriving. At some places you run into issues, like no elevators and you’re on the 5th floor. Venue surprises add time to setup and pros know to scoop out a venue if you have never been there before. I personally like to be setup at least an hour before the ceremony or reception is set to begin.

Good weddings just come together.

No, they don’t, not by themselves at least. It takes a lot of planning and some guidance from professionals. Most people don’t realize, but DJs make great consultants in the planning process. We are thoroughly familiar with the wedding protocols. We can provide advice and we are experts at meeting your music and entertainment needs. One of the things that Brides tend to stress over is the music and entertainment. I have told my Brides before, that’s my job, that’s what you pay me for!

DJ’s get to have a ton of fun at Weddings and get paid!

DJs are not attending your wedding or event. They are there to work, and have a huge part of the responsibility for the outcome of the event. Most people will say that their weddings are the most important day of their lives, next to the day their children are born. Still, we bid it out and give that responsibility to the lowest bidder? Expectations and stress run high during weddings and events, and after all that planning, all the money invested, the outcome of your wedding is placed solely in the hands of the DJ. Some of the more corporatized Wedding DJ companies will even bid out their bookings to the lowest bidder, so be wary of a deal that is too good to be true. To cover another thing, I do not drink at my events. I don’t care how open the bar is, a good professional doesn’t drink on the job.

They only work for 4-6 hours.

This is a common misnomer, as discussed above. We spend several hours setting up, and breaking down but that’s not where a Pro DJs investment into your event stops. Prior to an event, professionals spend anywhere from 15-30 hours on your event in the planning process. Consulting with clients, upkeep on gear and maintaining the latest music databases. In addition, we are constantly researching the latest ideas to add and implement into our repertoire.

Cheap DJs are just as good as expensive ones

Now, I’m not going to say that a high price guarantees value, but I can certainly say that a low price almost guarantees you’re not getting a professional quality DJ. The old saying goes “If it’s too good to be true” or “You get what you paid for”. If a DJ is quoting a low price, more than likely it’s a part time hobby or something to make an extra buck or two. There is a lot of work that goes into putting together a smooth, professional and perfectly executed wedding reception or event. It’s not just something you show up to after working all week and wing it without preparation.

All their equipment fits into the trunk of their car

When I started DJing, this was true for me. I didn’t have a lot of equipment and my little Ford Focus hatchback was perfect. Now I have to load up my truck, front and back, and hope my wife doesn’t mind sitting on a speaker! Professional gear is heavy, it is big, and a Pro DJ is going to have a lot of it, including having backup gear on site in case anything unforeseen happens. This is the level of service you should be demanding from your DJ on what is arguably the 2nd or biggest day of your life. You aren’t going to find that kind of commitment from your nephew with the iPod and computer speakers.

The biggest misconception of them all

They are all the same.

All DJs are not created equal, just like people. Just because someone may call themselves a DJ doesn’t mean they have the experience and knowledge to make that difference when you are executing your big day. DJ’s will have their own presentation and unique style. A good DJ can adjust his style to fit into any event or crowd. Pro DJs know the difference, and are capable of identifying the many subtle and large differences that distinguish themselves from other Mobile Entertainers.

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